Wire Bending Equipment

AWB has 11 state of the art CNC wire forming machines covering various ranges and comprising of single head and twin machines. We bend from Dia 2mm to Dia 12mm wire. Holding approx. 100 tons of wire in stock at any one time of Mild Steel , Galvanised Steel , Pre coated coloured wire , Stainless Steels , Spring Steels, Copper and Titanium.

The finest equipment we have is of course the highly trained and expert programmers we have that use our equipment. I always say the Ferrari is only as fast as the driver. The superb staff we have here is a tribute to the industry and are extremely talented boys.

As well as the range of bending equipment we also have butt, resistance, tig and mig welding machines. Again we have a talented bank of fabricators that do us justice.

Finally we have a great bank of subcontractors that complement our business to add to our CNC wire forms to supply finished product.

Laser cutting

CNC punching

Rotary laser cutting

Sheet metal work

Powder coating

Plastic coating

Chrome / BZP / Nickle

Various other specialist finishes