About Us

The UK’s Experts In Wire Forming

Since 1992 AWB has been the home of CNC wire forming excellence. We were established in the early days of digital control systems that allowed the automation of 3D manipulation. Throughout the decades AWB has stayed at the forefront of technology to remain competitive in manufacturing wire products.

We bend and manufacture wire products for a range of industries including: Automotive, Point of Sale, Plant Machinery, Agricultural, Medical, Sport, Hygiene and Construction.

Materials used in our processes include mild, pre-galvanised stainless and spring steels plus titanium and many non-ferrous metals.

We have 15 CNC wire forming machines onsite and to complement these, we have recently added a Yaskawa and a Naci robots plus 2 press brakes to form sheet metal. In addition, with our highly skilled welding team we now offer robot and manual welding in the forms of Mig, Tig, Spot and Butt welding; Resistance, CMT, Pulse and Step.

Also, to keep pace with the ever increasing need of product turnaround we have in-house 3D scanning and 3D printing. We have an extensive and well trusted supply base stemming from over 30 years of business.

We believe that customer satisfaction and retention are the corner stones of AWB’s longevity. We will create nearly impossible products with unprecedented turnaround times

AWB has always been a family business with family business standards at its core.

With over 50 employees, some having decades of service, AWB’s employee retention, conditions and safety being a given in every day work.

Decades of ISO certification has been a valuable tool in the road to the success we enjoy today.